A Word from Our Pastor


16 September (Click Here For Full PDF)


Dare to Imagine...Moving Forward

We had a wonderful time yesterday at the First Annual Church Retreat.  I was able to convey to many of you the vision God has given me.  We are moving to another level as a Church, and moving FORWARD in God.

Although I am optimistic, and I do have tremendous faith, I still must let you know where we stand regarding our two mortgages. As many of you know, in 2002 Pastor Gray and the congregation secured a loan for $2 million dollars to install an elevator, new kitchen, create new bathrooms and office spaces, and renovate other areas throughout the church. While it was their prayer that the first mortgage would have been retired by 2006, we still have it and it is now $780,353.66 (or $5,725.20 per month). The second mortgage we secured last year under my tenure which allowed us to install and replace our original HVAC units that were installed when Bright Hope was built in 1965. The remaining balance of the second mortgage is $306,225.49 (or $5,257.06).  Hence, our combined mortgages total $1,086,576.15 or monthly mortgage payments of $10,982.26.

The reason I am bringing this matter to your attention is because we only have $18,381.00 remaining in our Dare to Imagine (D2I) account, which means we only have about a month and half in mortgage payments to pay United Bank.

Some of you may ask: Why is the D2I account so low? The answer is quite simple: Most in our church did not signup for D2I or have not completed their pledge commitments. Due to the two mortgages we have and the fact that the D2I account is very low, we are in a very serious situation and will need every Bright Hope member to signup for D2I.

If you have not completed your Dare to Imagine pledge, I urge you to do that today!  Please know that Dare to Imagine is what is paying for our new carpet, the paving of Marvine Street, and the air conditioning you are feeling today, and the heat you will be feeling in a few weeks.  I appreciate all those who have supported D2I, and who faithfully give towards it, above their tithes and offerings.  Remember that tithes and offerings pay the bills of the church, keep the lights on, and allow for us to do great ministry in our community, nation, and world. D2I is a sacrificial offering which pays for our two mortgages.

Beloved, I understand that many of us are being challenged financially. Nevertheless, I have faith that we will do what we need to do to increase our tithes and offerings and to make the sacrifice to give to D2I.  In fact, it is my prayer that many of you will make your pledge of $1,200 and make an initial sacrifice of $600 today. We need you, and God sees and will honor your sacrifice and faithfulness.  Again, I thank all of you who have continued to support the church, and who will begin their support today!  I know that even though we may be experiencing few clouds due to our nation's current economy, God never forsakes the righteous, and this is only temporary! Keep the Faith!

Keep the Faith,
Pastor Johnson