Our Strategic Plan

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The Strategic Plan (2011-2015) In 2010, Pastor Kevin R. Johnson began a review of the original Strategic Five Year Plan with an eye toward updating the Plan. Pastor Johnson met with the entire Tri-Board and discussed the need and purpose for updating the Plan. A new Strategic Action Plan Committee, was formed that, once again, was comprised of a broad cross section of members and leaders across ministries and roles. The Committee established several focus groups to cover all mission goals and objectives over the period of several months during the Summer and Fall of 2010.

During the review of the Plan, we noted that several goals had been accomplished or were significantly underway. Still other goals needed to be or had been revamped or revisited.

The leadership commends the work of The Long Range Planning Committee as presented in the original Plan and has presented this Update in context of the original. Thus, the results of the original 2004 church-wide survey are included here in order to lay the proper context for the updated Plan.

Further, the Strategic Action Plan Update aims to answer four questions: Where did we begin? What has been accomplished? Where are we now? Where we are headed?

The Committee recommended the use of Focus Groups. Focus Groups were a special feature of this planning process as we wanted again to hear from members. Using Focus Groups The Strategic Planning Committee set out to engage all members of the congregation to gain feedback from every generation including seniors, adults, young adults and youth over several months in an effort to gain current feedback on existing services, activities and programs.

We appreciate your ideas, candor and input. Since the last Plan, the church has experienced tremendous growth and we wanted to provide an opportunity for all members (“veterans” and “newbies”) to be a part of this process.

Lastly, The Committee is grateful to God for His steadfast love, mercy and grace and recognize that He undoubtedly has His hand on this branch of Zion we call Bright Hope.