Growing Families

“Spread the corner of your covering over me, for you are my family redeemer.”
Ruth 3:9 New Living Translation


Bright Hope Baptist Church embraces the mission of ministering to single adults, couples and families.  Through evangelism, teaching and fellowship, we work to strengthen or rebuild the lives of both individuals and families.  We believe that, working under the direction and power of the Holy Spirit, our efforts will edify all believers and will restore people to wholeness, to intimacy with God and to unity with each other.
The purpose of individual and family-centered ministries is to provide a supportive environment where all God’s people can experience the love of Jesus Christ.  For the single adult, it is our aim to create an environment that fosters individual wholeness through a relationship with God and communion with other believers.  We believe in the sacred marital covenant and intend to bring engaged and married couples to a closer and more intimate fellowship with God and their partner.  At Bright Hope, we strive to create a nurturing yet stimulating place where the whole family—man, woman and child—can be uplifted and discover God’s purpose for their lives.
A Bright Hope Adult, Couple and/or Family . . .
· Recognizes the Church as a refuge for individuals and families
· Seeks God’s perspective for singleness, marriage and/or families
· Accepts practical tools and resources
· Maintains confidentiality and respect
· Commits to spiritual and emotional growth in self and in partnership with others
· Uplifts and encourages others
· Speaks and acts with love and respect for all God’s children
Ministry Programs and Activities:
· Family Focused Ministry
· Parents’ Ministry
· Sankofa Ministry
· Harvest Festival
· Recreational and Social Outings
· Family & Friends Weekend
· Men’s Ministry
· Women’s Ministry
· Remnant Young Adults Ministry